High Security
Storage Shed

For Garden tools, Bikes, Motorcycles, School equipment
and just about anything you need to keep secure!

DayLightSECURE Strongroom

Our DaylightSECURE green technology composite garden building provides a modern, sustainable alternative to steel, wood, concrete and brick sheds.

Our DayLightSECURE Strongroom replaces garden, bike, motorbike and storage sheds with a modern garden building built for a purpose, not for a price.

Our secure sheds are designed and manufactured in Britain and add value to property.

Why settle for a garden shed when you can have a DaylightSECURE?

What makes us different?

Not only are our products police approved and the most secure, they offer qualities and benefits that cannot be matched by other garden sheds.

No more rotting wood to repair, leaks to fix, painting, preserving or staining. Thermally efficient TPR cuts condensation to no more than is found in most houses.

Choose a DaylightSECURE Strongroom with a unique daylight roof or Max Strongroom with a Kevlar re-enforced daylight roof, both are available in a range of sizes and colours. Request a free sample of TPR and colour swatches!

Ultimate storage

Maintenance Free

Lifetime warranty

Made in Britain


The most secure outdoor storage shed on the market.
If security is a top priority for you, then look no further than DayLightSecure Strongroom!

Who buys Brodco Strongrooms?

The answer, just about everyone! Our sheds are extremely versatile and used in domestic gardens up and down the country. With a range of sizes, styles and accessories you can be sure to find a perfect fit for your garden or allotment.

Commercially we provide DayLightSECURE Strongroom sheds to schools and nurseries, hospitals, government agencies, racetracks, sporting venues and many more.

Call our friendly team to see how it could benefit you.

What do our customers say?

"Our Brodco DaylightSECURE motorcycle shelter is working really well for us to store one of our blood bikes.

With the shelter located in a public hospital carpark, security was important to us. To the hospital, the aesthetic appeal was important, that the construction re-used so much non-recyclable plastics is important to us all. It absolutely meets our needs."

- Derbyshire Blood Bikes

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