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Thursday 05 January 2017 / Published in Blog
We are delighted that another year has passed without any reports of successful forced entries into our Daylight Secure sheds, confirming our claim that our bike storage sheds and garden sheds are the most secure sheds available. Three customers reported attempted entries during the year: The first was an attempt to enter the door and the back wall. The
Friday 12 June 2015 / Published in Blog, Uncategorized
Avon and Somerset police have confirmed that theft from houses and garden sheds is a low priority. Speaking on BBC Radio Somerset Detective Superintendent Mike Courtiour confirmed that in the 12 months ending March 2015 90% of burglars are not brought to justice, an increase of nearly 5% on the previous 12 months. In common
Thursday 23 April 2015 / Published in Blog, Uncategorized
TPR – an alternative to concrete? Click here to see how TPR can help the environment The earth’s natural resources are not finite, and yet consumers are placing spiralling demands raw materials. Manufacturing consumes energy and many produce pollutants. One of the worst is the manufacture of cement which accounts for a high percentage of
Tuesday 31 March 2015 / Published in Blog, Uncategorized
Garden Sheds – a Buyers Guide There are many sheds on the market made from different materials, and there is a place for each of them. The deciding factors as to which is best for you will come down to just two key points – what do you want a garden shed for and how
Sunday 08 March 2015 / Published in Blog, Uncategorized
Motorcycles can be very attractive to thieves. In the UK, motorcycles account for just 1% of all traffic, and yet 1 in 5 of all vehicle thefts. How do you avoid you bike becoming a statistic?
Sunday 01 March 2015 / Published in Blog, Uncategorized
Crime costs more than just money. Did you know that crime produces more than 12.5 million tonnes of CO2 per year? That’s around 2% of the UK’s entire CO2 output. Those affected by crime often suffer a great deal of stress and trauma. Brodco is a member of Secured by Design (SBD), which offers this
Saturday 14 February 2015 / Published in Blog, Uncategorized
These days we all like to do our best for the environment, but what is the greenest option for your new garden shed? We take a look at three materials: timber, concrete and TPR. Timber The vast majority of garden sheds are made from timber, largely because it is cheap. Softwood is most commonly used,
Sunday 08 February 2015 / Published in Blog
CONDENSATION We are often asked about condensation, particularly from people who have experienced ownership of single skin metal or plastic sheds or concrete sheds. Condensation in wooden sheds is not so visible as it is contained within the wood, but it is still there. This type of condensation is called interstitial condensation and can be
Sunday 01 February 2015 / Published in Blog, Uncategorized
People are more aware of the importance of recycling than ever before, but there’s still so much more we could do to limit our impact on the environment.