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The most secure shed you can buy.

After rigorous testing, the DaylightSecure Max is the only garden shed ever approved by the police.

Now you can store your possessions outside your home with complete peace of mind.


You will never need to replace your shed.  

The DaylightSecure is completely maintenance free and offers unbeatable value.  

Trust us - every DaylightSecure comes with an incredible 50 year guarantee.


New technology developed in association with British universities makes the structure of the shed incomparable.  

TPR® doesn’t rot, warp, bend, melt, rust or create condensation and is stronger than concrete. Vents minimalise condensation on the roof.  

The shed's unique construction and design make it truly weatherproof.


TPR® is made using 68% non-toxic, traceable waste material that can not normally be recycled.  

It is manufactured in the UK using a cold process supported by The Carbon Trust, and at the end of its life is recyclable.  

Buy a DaylightSecure today and give a new life of more than 50 years to waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill.
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Enjoy a brighter and more secure shed with the Max-Light™ daylight roof. Having no windows means better security and more space for storage.

Store your bikes and motorcycles securely without extra locks, and with minimal risk of condensation.  Keep animal and bird feed safely away from rodents. Move large items easily through the high and wide double door.

You can build your shed in tight spaces thanks to internal fixings and grow climbing plants up its maintenance free walls. Build on any level surface: concrete, paving, decking or even soil. Erect it yourself or get a quote from our team.

Product Features:
• Market leading security
• Sustainable technology
• Maintenance free
• Build on any level surface
• 50 year guarantee

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TPR® is rot proof, waterproof and immune to fungal and insect attack.


A 1000mm panel weighs 19kg, ensuring a sturdy and substantial construction.


GroundPod panels are 300mm high, 40mm thick, and available in lengths of 1000mm, 920mm, 750mm and 500mm.


A high quality impact resistant marine grade gelcoat keeps the attractive appearance for years without any maintenance. Choose from sage green, magnolia, white or black.


TPR® has a low thermal conductivity of just 0.174 W/mk.


TPR® is a low carbon, recyclable product manufactured using a cold process. This means we use human energy rather than fossil fuel energy, and that’s why TPR® is supported by The Carbon Trust. TPR® is also recyclable.


Stainless steel is used for all the fixings. GroundPod sides longer than 1250mm are kept parallel with an 8mm stainless steel rod that lays just 60mm above ground level.


GroundPods are pre-drilled for simple assembly.


TPR® extended life colour-matched neutral cure silicone ensures moisture does not escape through joints.


GroundPods carry a 50 year guarantee.

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Sizes & Specifications


Only the DaylightSecure Max has been awarded the Secured by Design certification. As standard model plus:

Roof - Additional reinforcement to roof.

Door - Additional reinforcement to door. Finished in speckled forest green.

Lock Cylinder - Anti-snap, ant-bump, anti-drill cylinder.

It is fitted with a toughened fibreglass roof that is 50% thicker than the standard DaylightSecure roof, which reduces the light coming through by 12.5%. There is no visual difference between the roofs from the outside. The DaylightSecure and DaylightSecure Max are otherwise identical.




Standard: All components of the shed will be delivered by lorry on two pallets (see total weight above), and will be set down close to the road. Two able-bodied people will be required to carry the panels from the unloading point. Full instructions are provided for assembly and should take 2 people a few hours. Please note that many parts are heavy (around 65kg/10 stones) and this should not be attempted by anyone suffering from any prohibitive medical conditions.

Premium: Our factory-trained team will deliver, unload and erect your shed. If a flat and level concrete or paved base is not available the service includes laying a PolyNugget base on ground that you have prepared (3” of topsoil must be removed from an area slightly larger than the floor area of the shed). This price allows for the erection site to be no more than 30 meters from the unloading point accessed by a Transit van or similar. Any additional groundwork required or distance will be charged at £30 per hour.

POLYNUGGETS AND BASES (see video below)

The DaylightSecure can be built on any flat, level surface. If you have a pre-existing concrete or paved area this may be used. Otherwise an area may be prepared by removing 3 inches of topsoil, making a level wooden edging and filling with PolyNuggets (available from Brodco). A PolyNugget base will not rot or degrade and is held together by the weight of the shed. Please see the More Info section of the website for photos.



TPR® wall panels have 70mm thick columns with 25mm centres and a tongue and groove effect to the outer surface. TPR® floor panels are 50mm thick with an indented 25mm square pattern for grip and a water deflecting design around the perimeter edges. We advise the use of the heavy duty floor panels when storing motorcycles or very heavy machinery - if in doubt, please ask. Colour – charcoal.


A coloured, maintenance free marine quality gel coat is applied to the outer or top surface of wall, floor and roof panels. Floor panels are dark grey, wall panels are available in a choice of Sage Green, Magnoila, White or Black. Max-Light™ roofs have neutral centres for light penetration with Forest Green edging. Door in Speckled Forest Green.


Max-Light™ single structure fibreglass composite roof with laminated perimeter batons. Re-enforced corners with ventilation points.


Double ‘mother and son’ steel doors with Speckled Forest Green powder coating pre-hung on steel anti-jemmy frame. Stainless steel butt hinges and sill. The doors are positioned in the 6' side, or 8' on request. Larger door always on the right, with the hinge situated 13.5"/340mm from the outside edge of the righthand wall, and has an outward swing radius of 32"/812mm.


Euro profile, DDA/Doc M compliant, anti-snap barrel. Multi point locking bolts at top, centre and bottom operated by single key action. Larger door over-laps smaller door which has 2 throw bolts.


High tensile TPR® screw bolts with black zinc coating plus stainless steel coach screws.


TPR® extended life colour-matched neutral cure silicone.


TPR® is a low carbon, recyclable product supported by the Carbon Trust.


DaylightSecure sheds carry a 50 year structural guarantee..

Assembly Video


What is tested to obtain the Secured by Design standard?

Everything. Individual attacks are targeted and timed on walls, floor, roof, doors, locks, handles, hinges and door frames. If any one attack is successful within the prescribed time the whole test fails.

Could a thief melt or burn the walls?

TPR is made with plastic, but has completely different properties. It does not melt and is fire resistant enough to build homes with.

What’s the roof made from that stops it being a weak point?

The roof is a tough fibreglass composite that makes a lot of noise when banged. It does not require meshing to be secure. Initial tests put the roof just outside the Secured by Design requirements, so the Max edition roof is 50% thicker, but otherwise identical. The roof allows the light through, but cannot be seen through.

What if somebody tried to steal the whole shed?

Even the 6×4 DaylightSecure weighs 868kg and is far too heavy to steal without heavy machinery.

The same security doors are available online.

The steel door is our own design and has been modified to pass the Secured by Design testing process. You may be able to buy other SBD approved doors but only the door, not the frame or the shed, would meet the requirements. The door is just one part of a whole.

I could build a shed myself for less money that would be just as secure.

Experts estimate that it takes around 12 seconds for thieves to break into most sheds, even with a quality lock fitted. The DaylightSecure Max has been tested by experienced security engineers and is the first garden shed ever to achieve Secured by Design certification since the scheme started in 1988. If you compare the price to a brick shed, including concrete base, you will find us to be more than competitive. You may also find the brick shed is dark inside and suffers from condensation.

Can I see a DaylightSecure before buying?

We don’t have a showroom but we take a shed to events around the country. Check the Upcoming Shows page on the More Info section of our website.

Can I ever relocate the shed?

Yes, but if you are expecting to move the shed speak to us first, we can save you a lot of frustration. Alternatively charge extra for the shed when you sell your house – you would not be the first to do this.

Can I buy replacement keys?

The shed comes with 3 keys, and although we are unable to supply more you can get additional keys cut from any good locksmith.

How many bikes can it hold?

Using our TidyUp bike hooks, the 6’ wall of a 6×4 or a 6×6 will hold 3 bikes comfortably, or 4 if the heights of the hooks are staggered or the bikes are ‘top and tailed’. The 8’ wall of a 6×8 will take up to 6 bikes in the same way.

Are ground anchors available?

If you are storing high-value items such as motorbikes and would prefer to have ground anchors fitted they are available at a cost of £65 + VAT.

Can you make larger sheds?

It is not possible for us to economically transport a roof larger than 6×8, however 6×12 and 8×12 ‘double’ sheds are available on premium service only.

Can I screw into the walls?

Yes, but we only recommend drilling at the thicker parts of the walls where the panels meet. For storage, the TidyUp range is best suited to the DaylightSecure walls.

Can I run electricity into the shed?

You can run cables through the ventilation points in the corners, or drill through the walls, run the cable through and then plug the hole with the silicon provided.

How long do I need to wait to get my shed after ordering?

Lead times vary between 2 and 12 weeks dependent on the time of year. Telephone for the current lead time.

SBD general manager Alan McInnes commented: “Not only is the DaylightSecure shed made from recycled products… but it also benefits the environment by helping to prevent crime” So crime is bad for the environment…how?

Secured by Design (operated by the Association of Chief Police Officers) estimates that crime accounts for 2% of the UK’s entire CO2 output. This includes the activities of the emergency services in response to crime and the journeys and manufacturing associated with repair work.


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