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The most secure garden building you can buy.

The DaylightSECURE™ Max edition boasts extraordinary security features available collectively for the first time.

Be confident your possessions are as safe as possible outside your home, and store them with total peace of mind.


The DaylightSECURE™ requires no maintenance and offers outstanding value.

We are so confident in the strength of the materials used that every DaylightSECURE™ comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Advanced composite technology developed with British universities makes the structure of the building incomparable.

TPR® does not rot, warp, bend, melt, rust or create condensation and is stronger than concrete. Wall and floor panels are hand made to each order.

Max-Light™ translucent FRP composite roofs allow light to flood in from above and are far more secure than conventional windows. The Max roof is reinforced with Kevlar®- 20 times stronger than steel and used by police and military units worldwide.


TPR® is manufactured in the UK using a cold process supported by the Carbon Trust. It is both sustainable and recyclable.

68% of its component materials are repurposed from other industries that would usually send them to landfill.

The DaylightSECURE™ uses no cement – a major contributor to global warming.

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Enjoy a brighter and more secure building with the Max-Light™ translucent daylight roof- having no windows means improved security, greater privacy and more storage space.

Store your bikes, motorcycles, tools and machines securely with minimal risk of condensation, and move large items through the high and wide double door easily. Keep animal and bird feed safely away from rodents. Grow climbing plants up maintenance free walls.

You can situate your DaylightSECURE™ in tight spaces thanks to its internal fixings and with a height of under 2.5 meters it does not usually require planning permission.. Our friendly and professional team will build it for you on a pre-prepared flat, level base in just a day.

Product Features:
• Market leading security
• Sustainable technology
• Maintenance free
• Lifetime guarantee
• Free delivery and installation (most areas)

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TPR® is rot proof, waterproof and immune to fungal and insect attack.


A 1000mm panel weighs 19kg, ensuring a sturdy and substantial construction.


GroundPod panels are 300mm high, 40mm thick, and available in lengths of 1000mm, 920mm, 750mm and 500mm.


A high quality impact resistant marine grade gelcoat keeps the attractive appearance for years without any maintenance. Choose from sage green, magnolia, white or black.


TPR® has a low thermal conductivity of just 0.174 W/mk.


TPR® is a low carbon, recyclable product manufactured using a cold process. This means we use human energy rather than fossil fuel energy, and that’s why TPR® is supported by The Carbon Trust. TPR® is also recyclable.


Stainless steel is used for all the fixings. GroundPod sides longer than 1250mm are kept parallel with an 8mm stainless steel rod that lays just 60mm above ground level.


GroundPods are pre-drilled for simple assembly.


TPR® extended life colour-matched neutral cure silicone ensures moisture does not escape through joints.


GroundPods carry a 50 year guarantee.

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WALLS AND FLOOR - Wall and floor panels are hand made from award winning TPR® composite formulated from industrial waste polymers and by products from the oil industry to produce a material stronger than concrete having properties that are not available in any other building product. Panels are finished in a marine grade coating to the outer surface.

ROOF - Storm-proof Max-Light™ single structure UV stable FRP composite. Concealed ventilation points in each corner. Translucent for high light transmittance with coloured border.

DOOR - Double unequal width twin walled galvanized steel doors. Hung to steel frame on 8 concealed stainless steel hinges. 50mm thick and powder coated. Although the components of the buildings are maintenance free it is recommended to add a few drops of oil to the hinges periodically.

FRAME - 1.5mm galvanized steel with powder coating. Stainless steel sill. Concealed fixing points.

LOCKING SYSTEM - Euro style lock with 11 point key operated locking system on large door. Smaller door has 4 point locking and is overlapped by large door when closed. 5 keys supplied.

FIXINGS - TPR® black zinc coated 8.8 high tensile steel screwbolts and stainless steel coach screws. Stainless steel floor locating plates. All fixings can only be accessed from inside the building.

ENVIRONMENT - TPR® is a sustainable synthetic concrete. It has a low carbon footprint and is supported by The Carbon Trust. 100% recyclable at end of life.

DaylightSECURE™ Max

As standard building plus:

ROOF - A full layer of Kevlar® bonded between FRP layers for even higher security. The light transmitted through the roof is reduced by approximately 20% compared to the standard model.

LOCK CYLINDER - The highest specification possible; Sold Secure Diamond rating, 3 Star Kitemark and Secured by Design. Three keys are supplied and a personal PIN ensuring keys cannot be copied without your authority.

DOOR - Additional re-enforcement.

DaylightSECURE™ Extra

As standard building plus:

DOOR - Extra wide doors 5'7¼ " (1.71mtr) with 90⁰ opening. Heavy duty steel frame with continuous hinges. Flat threshold for easy access of wheeled vehicles. Various options of door configuration include ½ plus ½, ⅓ plus⅔, bi-fold or solid.

LOCK - Top and bottom internal bolts on secondary door, euro style on primary door with the highest specification Sold Secure Diamond rating, 3 Star Kitemark and Secured by Design cylinder. Three keys are supplied and a personal PIN ensuring keys cannot be copied without your authority.


Colour Choice

Midnight Brown with Nut Brown New colour!
Midnight Brown with Magnolia New colour!
Pine Green with Sage Green
Pine Green with Magnolia


Has the building been tested?

TPR® has been tested independently by approved testing companies and universities to various standards including BS standards. The DaylightSECURE™ Max is the only building of its type to successfully complete the physical attack test specified by the ACPO Secured by Design initiative. Since the test was completed in 2013 the product has further benefitted from a Kevlar® reinforced roof and Sold Secure lock cylinder.

Could a thief melt or burn the walls?

Although TPR® is made with polymers it has completely different properties. It does not melt and is fire resistant to Class E, the classification to ensure it is suitable for the construction of buildings.

What’s the roof made from that stops it being a weak point?

The roof is a tough Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) composite that hammers bounce off. The dome design adds strength and acts like a drum when attacked – very noisy! The roof of the Max is reinforced with Kevlar®, a material known for its extreme strength - 20 times stronger than steel. Kevlar® is used in the construction of F1 race cars and in the aerospace industry as well as police and security forces worldwide. The translucent roof allows the light through, but cannot be seen through.

What if somebody tried to steal the whole building?

The 6×4 DaylightSECURE™ weighs 868kg and a 6x8 over a ton, it is far too heavy to steal without heavy machinery.

I could build a shed myself for less money that would be just as secure.

Experts estimate that it takes around 12 seconds for thieves to break into most sheds, even with a quality lock fitted. The DaylightSECURE™ Max has been tested by experienced security engineers and is the first building of its type to successfully complete the physical attack specified by the ACPO Secured by Design standard since the scheme started in 1988. If you compare the price to a brick shed, including concrete base, you will find us to be more than competitive. You may also find the brick shed is dark inside, suffers from condensation and has a less secure roof and door.

Can I see a DaylightSECURE™ before buying?

All the panels are handmade which does not allow us to mass produce and serve the retail outlets that require up to a 40% profit margin. We do not have a showroom but we do take a building to events and exhibitions around the country. Check the Upcoming Shows page on the More Info section of our website. At other times a building may be seen in Somerset by appointment.

I have an existing concrete base from my old shed. Can I use this?

Yes, but only if it is flat, level, and in good condition. If it is not level or is sloping the building will not be square and the installation team may not be able to complete your building.

Can I ever relocate the building?

It is possible but customers who have moved have found the building adds value to their home and it is cheaper and easier to install a new one at the new home.

Can I buy replacement keys?

The standard building comes with 5 keys, and although we are unable to supply more you can get additional keys cut from any good locksmith. The Max has 3 keys that can only be duplicated by specialist locksmiths and requires a PIN code.

How many bicycles can it hold?

Using our TidyUp bike hooks, the 6’ wall of a 6×4 or a 6×6 will hold 3 bikes comfortably, or 4 if the heights of the hooks are staggered or the bikes are ‘top and tailed’. The 8’ wall of a 6×8 will take up to 6 bikes in the same way.

Are ground anchors available?

If you are storing high-value items such as motorbikes or sports cycles our Goliath ground anchors can be specified when ordering your building.

Can you make larger buildings?

The largest DaylightSECURE™ we manufacture is 8’ x 18’. Please contact us for a price.

Can I screw into the walls?

Yes, but only with a masonry bit with hammer action. TPR® eats HSS drills for a pastime! We only recommend drilling at the thicker perimeter of the walls where the panels meet. For storage, the TidyUp range is best suited to the DaylightSECURE™ walls.

Can I run electricity into the building?

You can run cables through the ventilation points in the corners, or drill through the walls, run the cable through and then plug the hole with the silicon provided.

How long do I need to wait to get my building after ordering?

Lead times vary between 2 and 12 weeks dependent on the time of year. Telephone for the current lead time.

There are not any windows. Can I work inside the building with the door shut?

Light transmitted through the roof provides more daylight than would come through a window.

Can I paint the building?

One of the key features of our buildings is that the outside they are maintenance free and do not require painting, but if you really enjoy brushing go ahead! The interior can be painted with emulsion paint if required.



Prices include VAT, installation and delivery to most postcodes, Additional delivery charges are applied to the following postcodes.

BB, BD, CA, DL, DN, FY, HG, HU, HX, IP, LA, LL, LN, LS, NE, NW, NR, PE, PR, SR, TR, TS, WF, YO, and Isle of Wight. £140
AB, DD, DG, EH, FK, G, KA, KY, TD, ML, PA (southern mainland) PH. £300

IV, KW. £408

Buildings to be erected more than 30 metres from the nearest vehicle access point (Ford Transit or similar) may incur further cost. Telephone to discuss.

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