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We have designed the DaylightSECURE to provide the best security by using the best materials. Wooden sheds can be easily broken and sawn. Single sheet steel sheds can be cut with tin snips. Polycarbonate only requires a blow torch. Hasps and staples with padlocks offer minimal security. TPR will blunt a saw, cannot be cut with tin snips, and a blow torch will probably run out of gas before it can make it a hole . Of course, nothing is guaranteed, even bank vaults have been penetrated, but a DaylightSECURE offers the best defence against attack compared to other materials.

The base must be either concrete, paving or tarmac. Concrete bases should be level to within 6mm measured across the surface. Paved or tarmacadam bases should be within 12mm of level measured across the surface and require a TPR floor base.

It is impossible to guarantee against condensation, even centrally heated homes can suffer. However, we can guarantee everything possible has been considered in the design to minimise any risk of condensation. The TPR walls have excellent thermal properties and will not attract condensation. Steel is a magnet for condensation, and that’s why our steel doors are double skinned with a closed cell polyurethane core to trap air, just like double glazing. Concealed vents in each of the top corners allow air to flow across the underside of the roof to reduce any risk of condensation forming on the composite roof. And of course on hot, sunny days the vents allow warm air to escape.

TPR does not melt. It has a Class E fire rating – suitable for building houses.

Just send us an email with your address and contact number and we will send you a sample of TPR.

TPR is a sustainable material that cannot be matched by any other material. Check out our TPR v Concrete infogram.

DaylightSERCURE sheds were exhibited after being launched at RHS garden shows, national cycle and motorcycle shows at the NEC and Excel, as well as national horse shows. Our buildings are handmade, we are not a volume manufacturer and today all of our business comes from our website or recommendations. If we were to continue exhibiting the additional demand would not allow us to maintain our preferred lead time of 4 weeks.

Unfortunately the colours may differ slightly on screen. If you are about to order a DaylightSECURE we can supply some colour samples before you make the final decision. Just email us with your address and contact number.

Yes, but if you are expecting to move the shed speak to us first, we can save you a lot of frustration and damage. But consider this if you are selling a property, having a DaylightSECURE is a feature which will appeal to most buyers as secure storage is becoming an essential box to tick.

We supply three keys with all our buildings. You can get additional keys cut from any good locksmith.

Depends on the bikes! As a rough guide, using our TidyUp bike hooks, the 6’ wall will hold 3 bikes comfortably, or 4 if the heights of the hooks are staggered or the bikes are ‘top and tailed’. The 8’ wall of a will take up to 6 bikes in the same way, but won’t leave room for much else.

Yes. We recommend Miniflow gutters which are available in brown, white or black from

Once an order is placed we request a deposit of 25% and the balance paid 14 days before the completion date. If a bespoke colour is requested we will ask for full payment with the order.