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This is the time of year when you may be looking to spruce up the garden with a new shed, especially if the old one took a battering during the winter storms. What better choice than the innovative, newly designed Brodco DaylightSECURE shed that is made to last and comes with a lifetime structural guarantee. It makes an ideal home for expensive garden machinery and tools that are best kept under lock and key. Nigel Broderick designed the Brodco DaylightSECURE shed after his padlocked wooden one was broken into and his valuable possessions stolen. It is the only shed to have earned the police ‘Secured by Design’ certificate. The DaylightSECURE range is constructed from a material that makes use of waste products diverted from landfill. The range doesn’t warp, bend or rust and boasts a robust locking mechanism.

Unbreakable shed?

A garden shed, made from recycled waste destined for landfill and said to be resistant to vandalism and break-ins, is the first of its kind to be awarded a ‘Secured by Design’ certificate.

A British invention the ‘DaylightSECURE’ has a high-security door and composite roof to let the light in.

Is this the most secure bike shed you can buy? The manufacturers certainly seem confident it is. The Brodco DaylightSecure Max has apparently been approved by the police, which gives a certain amount of reassurance. It’s not cheap though, a 6’x4’ costs £1,590 (Price correct as of 2013). That makes the £525 Asgard Annexe I tested recently look positively cheap. Anyway, the DaylightSecure Max is made from Thermo-Polymerised Rock (TPR), a building material that is a sustainable alternative to concrete. It uses 68% non-toxic, traceable waste plastic that cannot normally be recycled, which is reduced in size and blended with minerals.

The walls are supported with 70mm thick columns and 25mm centres, 50mm floor panels and a toughened fibreglass roof. The corners are reinforced with ventilation points. The doors feature multi-point locking bolts at the top, centre and bottom, with a single key action, and the larger door overlaps the smaller door with two-throw bolts. It’s sold in three sizes, 6’x4′ up to 6’x8′. It’s no lightweight, the smallest model weighs 868kg! You can learn more about it here” Note - the price quoted did not include delivery or installation.

Bike shed made from recycled material wins security award. When Nigel Broderick had his bike nicked after thieves broke into his garden shed, he set about designing a super-secure replacement for the flimsy wooden outhouse. The result is the Brodco DaylightSecure Max, which has just been awarded ‘Secured by Design’ status by the Association of Chief Police Officers, the first outhouse to receive recognition of its inherent security.

Broderick went back to basics, and decided that his construction would be made out of recycled materials as well as meeting the most stringent thief-beating security standards. He elected to use Thermo-Polymerised Rock (TPR) utilising 68 per cent plastic destined for landfill. TPR is a new form of material that can be used as an alternative to concrete, and has a lifespan of over 80 years. There are no windows – identified as a weak secutiry point – so the shed uses a roof that lets light in. Brodco claims that the entire shed is storm-proof; it will not let in water and is resistant to the build-up of moisture. The DaylightSecure shed starts at £1590 for a six by four foot model, with six by six and six by eight models also available. A range of internal fittings are also available, including bike hangers, shelves and tool racks.

Security? It’s rubbish! A British inventor has designed a shed made from waste materials that has been recognised as the most secure shed ever! Nigel Broderick came up with the idea for the DaylightSecure Max after somebody broke into his wooden shed and stole his bicycle…

It is the first shed to be awarded the coveted Secured by Design certification without the use of ground anchors since the scheme started. “Things should be just as safe outside your home as inside,” says Nigel, “and I wanted to come up with a sustainable solution.” The shed is made of TPR, an award-winning alternative to concrete that is manufactured using waste diverted from landfill. The shed also features a high security double door and a composite roof to let the daylight in. With our classics often being targeted, this could be a good solution if you have the space to place one! Prices are from £1590 – not cheap – but then again, what price security eh?

Looking for somewhere safe to keep your scooter? This could be the answer.

A garden shed made from a new sustainable alternative to concrete has achieved the Association of Chief Police Officers ‘Secured by Design’ award and become the UK’s strongest shed. The DaylightSecure Max garden shed is made by Somerset based Brodco ltd from Thermo Polymerised Rock (TPR®), a new material mostly consisting of traceable, recyclable plastic diverted from landfill and produced as a sustainable alternative to concrete.

Managing Director Nigel Broderick said: “TPR doesn’t rot, warp, bend, melt, rust or create condensation. It is fire retardant, carbon neutral and 100% recyclable. The security factor makes the sheds highly marketable to bike and motorcycle owners as well as gardeners and they come with an unmatched guarantee.